Devotion Graphics presents a comprehensive video training course, packed with easy-to-learn tricks and techniques. Learn how to create stylish designs, web gadgets, interfaces, flyers, logos, standalone artwork and more.
Tricks of the Trade - Adobe Photoshop CS® Training - FREE DOWNLOAD
R e q u i r e m e n t s

PC or Mac (+ DVD drive and speakers)
2ghz CPU + 64mb graphics card
Adobe Photoshop CS
® 1, 2 or 3
Internet connec
tion recommended but not essential

Videos require
the DivX Codec (
During this home study programme you will follow quick and simple exercises that have been specially developed to suit all skill levels. No tricky drawing or painting involved. Simply watch the videos, learn the tricks and start producing professional results with minimum time and effort!

Eliminate extortionate design fees and do the job yourself.

After completing this course, you will be left with the skillset and know how to start producing your own cutting edge visuals and become your own graphic designer…for fun or profit.

The DVD-Rom comes with additional project files, resources and valuable links that will revolutionize the way you work. So whether it’s posters, web graphics, album sleeves or video game textures, you’ll be surprised just how easy it is once you know the Tricks of the Trade!
Imprisoned - Create grungy textures and turn your photos into dark and ominous artwork.

Skyscrapers - Turn a city scene into a piece of contemporary design. Ideal for album covers or desktop wallpapers.

15 High Quality videos!
Pebble Gadgets - Produce stylish leather and glass buttons for use in web sites or software applications.

Graphic Interfaces - Design simple or advanced graphical interfaces in a range of different styles. Ideal for video or music players.

Web Graphics - Learn how I created graphics for, from the backdrop to the wood panel, down to the logo and water droplets. then see how to cut and convert your screens to HTML, ready for the web.

3d Logos - Make your own textured 3d logos within minutes.

Chrome Logos - Produce chrome style text and stylish 3d logos with minumum time and effort.

Skater Text - Design your own skater-style logos. Ideal for t-shirt designs or other sportswear.

High Definition Smoker- Turn a basic black and white portrait into a striking piece of high definition artwork and learn some highly sought after tips and techniques.

Album Sleeve - Create a stylish and atmospheric album sleeve.

Contemporary Flyer - Make professional looking flyers using contemporary styles and design techniques.

Dreamy Desktop - Create a sci-fi or fantasy style wallpaper for your desktop using photographic elements and overpainting techniques.

DVD Cover - Learn how I designed my DVD cover and the elements I used.

Tree Lady - Turn a person into a tree-like entity using some simple techniques.

Chrome Gadgets - Create chrome looking interfaces with glassy interiors. Ideal for web buttons or application skins.

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