Terms and Conditions

All commission work requires 50% of total fee up front.

You can cancel the commission at any point. In such instances, the 50% deposit is non-refundable.

If I cannot complete your project for whatever reason, I will refund your deposit and send you all work to date.

I will give every commission 100% and do my best to meet your standards and criteria.

If you want me to repaint your portrait from another photo or to another specification after I have started work, you will incur an additional 30% redraw fee. So please be sure of what you want before I begin your commission.

I aim to complete my final draft within 1 week of receiving your deposit, but in times of high demand there may be a longer wait time. I will offer you a time frame before accepting your commission so you know when to expect it.

If you require printing or framing, it may take longer to get the final product to you, so please allow for this extra time.

Although I love my work, I have to make a living, so please don't expect me to work for free or for "some publicity". If you think this is unreasonable, try asking a tattooist, lawyer or an electician to work on those terms.
How to order your custom art

1. contact me with your request.

2. For portraits I'll require a good quality photo for reference. Please understand it is very difficult to work with small photos or photos taken at angles or in strong lighting as I can't get a true idea how the person looks.

3. Once we have agreed on the commission, I will send you a Paypal invoice for the 50% deposit and I will start work as soon as I receive payment.

4. I will send you a preview of your image within a week (usually sooner) of payment. You can use this opportunity to give me feedback and request any changes.

5. When you are happy with the work, I will send you an invoice for the remaining payment. Once received, I will email you all work at full size and full quality, in whatever format you require.

All work will be delivered in digital format.

I can offer a range of printing services, formats and sizes (at an additional cost and postage). Please contact me for a quote.

It is my goal to provide a friendly and efficient service from the moment we make contact. If you have any issues or uncertainties, feel free to let me know and I'll do my best to help. It is very important to me that you are happy with your custom art.

Any more questions? Check my Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is behind Devotion Graphics?  
A. My name is Daniel Hammonds, formerly known by the pseudonym "Wade". I am a digital artist and graphic designer, and the owner of Devotion Graphics. I am deeply passionate about my work and guarantee a personal and friendly service.

I have over 20 years professional experience of digital painting and graphic design and have taught many artists and designers in the field today. My art has been exhibited around the world, in magazines and on TV and I have worked with numerous high profile clients, including Disney and National Geographic.

Q. Can I reprint and resell my custom artwork?
A. Yes. If you can make a profit or a business from selling any custom artwork you've ordered from me, I encourage it and wish you the best with it.

Q. Will I see a preview before the work is finished? 

A. Yes. I will send you a preview of the artwork at which point you can request any changes or additions. It's important to me that you are happy with your final commission and I value any direction you have to offer.

Q. Will you superimpose my friend's head into porn? Remove my friend's clothing? 

A. No. I will not engage in any practices that violates the privacy of others.

Q. How can I learn to paint like you? 
A. Check out my DVDs Photorealism and Photorealism Volume 2. Hailed by many as the most in depth and beginner friendly digital art DVDs available to date. I also have a DVD I created specifically for beginners or those looking to save time called Cheat Guide to Photoshop Art which makes digital art easier than it's ever been.

Q. What printing services can you offer for my custom art?
A. For an extra 2.00 (plus p&p costs) I can send your work as an A4 or A3 poster. Or for an additional 5 (plus p&p) I can send it to you as a framed A3 print.

Due to high postage costs, framed prints are not available to overseas customers.

Q. Will my finished artwork be distributed online? And where?
A. I may include your finished commission in my portfolios, on my Facebook page or as a print at my exhibitions unless you specifically ask me not to. It will never be used in any defamatory or disrespectful way.

Q. What happens if I cancel the order?
A. You can cancel your order at any time, but once I begin work on your commission your 50% deposit is non-refundable. I will send you the work I have completed upto the point of cancellation and you will not be charged any additional fees.

Q. What's happened to your tutorials and DVDs? Will you continue to teach art and design?
A. My DVDs and tutorials are still available on this site via the link above and on my YouTube channel. I will continue to make tutorials in future, but my priority at this time is working on commissions.

Q. What format will my commission come as?
A. I will send your work as a high quality Jpeg. If you require any other format, such as PSD, PDF, TIFF, just ask and I'll send it to you.

Q. Will my portrait be suitable for printing?
A. Yes. All work is painted in high resolution 300ppi, suitable for large scale printing - upto A2 in size. I can also arrange printing and framing for you at an additional fee.

Q. Do you sign all your work?
A. That's upto you. I don't usually sign the work, but if you want me to just let me know in advance.

Q. Can you paint cars or concept art?
A. I can paint cars at the same price I offer my portraits. I also paint landscapes in my classical style. As for concept art, yes I can paint concept art for you, but because of the added challenge and time required, I must ask for a higher fee than my other work. If you're interested, contact me with your idea and we can discuss a quote.

Q. Can you paint in a different style?
A. I have a range of styles and consider myself very adaptable, but if you need your work painted in a different style to that shown in my portfolio, you will probably get better results from another artist who paints in that specific style.

Q. Are you available to work for my company or on a long term project?
A. Yes, I am open to offers of work if my skills are relevant and the pay is right. However, please understand I will not work for a future pay-day or for publicity. I am a professional artist and designer and I expect a signed contract and an agreed rate of pay before starting any work.