System Requirements: PC or Mac capable of running HD XviD videos - Speakers - DVD drive
Recommended: Pressure sensitive graphics tablet - Photoshop CS - 1gb Ram
This exclusive digital painting DVD is a chance to watch and learn as I work on one of my most detailed portraits to date, starting with a blank canvas and ending with a personalised portrait of photorealistic detail.

A running commentary will explain what techniques I use and some of my decisions, while realtime speed videos allow you to follow each process and every stroke along the way.

The “After Dark” feature, included on this disc, will show you how to transform your portraits into concept characters or fantasy art for use in games, fiction or commission work.

Videos come in high quality Xvid format so you get to see the painting process at full detail. The disc also includes extras, such as brushes, palettes and work stages.

A Portrait of Emily Rose captures almost 15 years of experience and contains many unique approaches to digital art not found anywhere else.

Available on DVD or digital download now!
Featuring Bonus Megan Fox painting tutorial!